The Common Core does not make sense

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first read of the Common Core standards I was highly skeptical.  Just like I couldn’t believe that the mandate for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) would ever become the law of the land. Imposing untested (as in no field studies) standards and onerous sanctions, along with the carrot of  the promise of ridiculous amounts of money to the States is a combination for disaster.  I am always amazed to watch administrators at every level in education toss out any common sense they have to blindly follow

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One thought on “The Common Core does not make sense

  1. Hi, Denise. I so thoroughly agree with you and am shocked by what is happening in the States. My kindergartener granddaughter was stressed all weekend because she has tests this week and last week she flunked the math quiz. In kindergarten? They should be having tests in how to use playdough! I feel so sorry for the teachers. This has got to be rough on them.
    best, nadia

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